Our Mission 

Gender & Sexuality Studies at NMSU is situated in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. It teaches analytic and critical thinking about the social construction of gender and sexuality in relation to race, ethnicity, class, dis/ability, gender identity, nationality, and age. Our courses are welcoming learning spaces to people of all ages, races, classes, abilities, sexualities, genders, and cultures. Our pedagogy seeks to flip or decentralize the learning experience by encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, and to think critically and creatively in dialogue with others. We do this in face-to-face and online classes. In fact, requirements for the major and minor can be completed online. After graduating from our program with majors, minors, or graduate minors our students enter any number of professions or choose to pursue further educational opportunities. In fact, many of our students are double-majors combining Gender & Sexuality Studies with another field of study. To that end, we seek to provide a rigorous and rewarding major and minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies, to encourage and support quality scholarship by and about women, gender, sexuality, race, dis/ability, and categories of identity, to sponsor university based events relevant to Gender & Sexuality Studies, to develop community partnerships, and to work with other academic units at NMSU to facilitate students in their learning. Underlying these endeavors is a fundamental commitment to intersectionality, inclusion, and social justice. Affiliated faculty across campus contributes to our set of courses helping to make Gender & Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University an exciting program of study.

In short,