“What do you want to become?” is the question students are most often asked about the degrees they pursue. Far less often are they asked, “What problems do you seek to solve?” Education has come to mean “job readiness” even though we live in a changing world that constantly asks us to prepare for shifts in employment and to train for job categories that are either in flux or have yet to be created.

Education, as Cathy N. Davidson has pointed out, is supposed to make students not just work-force ready but world ready. Unless your degree readies you to contend with the social and historical forces shaping your life, the gap between “work-force ready” and “world ready” is immense. Unless your degree program emphasizes social change and underscores the importance of inclusive forms of justice and community-building, this gap only increases.

Gender & Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University provides students with “world ready” knowledge and critical practices that make impacts. Our degree program promotes learning opportunities that allow students to develop their own interdisciplinary insights and engagement in social transformation. Graduates of Gender & Sexuality Studies are resourceful with their career endeavors because they are innovators who bring understandings of complex situations to the workforce and beyond.

Join our community of committed learners. Transform your passion into knowledge and action with our devoted faculty. Make Gender & Sexuality Studies your academic home. Make your academic home your path to positive change.

Gender and Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University offers the following:

Departmental requirements for each of these can be completed online and in the traditional classroom setting.