Related Student Groups

Students at NMSU have created and maintain several clubs and organizations that could be of interest to Gender & Sexuality Studies students. Check them out!


Gender Diverse Aggies of NMSU

Our mission is to provide a safe space to share information, experiences, and build a supportive community for all gender non-conforming Aggies at NMSU! We plan to extend our efforts to increase visibility of our presence and resources and protections available to gender non-conforming individuals at NMSU and in the greater Las Cruces area. 

People of all gender expressions are welcome as long as they come with an open mind!


Mujeres y Hombres Activ@s y REcolucionari@s (MHAR)

To recruit and support every woman and men who feels engaged in a third space in their live. This is in reference to Chican@s, Latin@s, Afro-Latin@s, Native American, Indigenous and Anglo women and men in higher education and advanced studies. To develop and strengthen regional and local leadership in order to involve all members at all levels of the educational ladder. To encourage and promote the distribution of research of social issues. To encourage and promote endeavors that support social justice-based knowledge production and activism.



We are the LGBT+ student group of NMSU. We offer an accepting and comfortable environment for LGBT+ students or members of the community. Events and meetings welcome everyone to join and enjoy!


NMSU Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice

Our purpose is to end abortion stigma and to understand the intersectionality of reproductive justice. 


Campus Activities also offers programs such as LGBT+ and WAVE (Wellness, Alcohol and Violence Education) that provide outreach and sponsor activities that are informative and beneficial for Gender & Sexuality Studies Students.