Gender & Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Minor

A minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies consists of 18 credit hours of approved course work in Gender & Sexuality Studies of which at least 12 are upper division (300 level or above).

*Requirements for the Gender & Sexuality Studies major, minor, and graduate minor can now be completed online*

**Please Note: We are in the process of changing our course prefixes from WS to GNDR**


Required Core Courses  
W S 201G Introduction to Women s Studies 3
or W S 202G Representing Women Across Cultures
Select one from the following: 3
Seminar in Feminist Theory 3
Transnational Feminisms 3
Feminist Research Methodologies 3
Sex, Gender and the Body 3
Select 12 credits from the following: 12
Masculinities Studies 3
Women & Immigration 3
Gender & Horror 3
Arab-Muslim Feminisms 3
Alternative Genders and Sexualities 3
Women and Human Rights 3
Gender and Graphic Narrative 3
Food and Representation 3
Gender and Migration 3
Gender and Film Studies 3
Special Topics 3
Women’s Studies Practicum 3
Women Crossing Borders 3
Gender and Popular Culture 3
Total Credits 18

Note: A student may not earn a bachelor’s degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies and also earn a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies.