BA Degree Requirements

Degree requirements for the major include 9 credit hours of required Gender & Sexuality Studies courses; 18 credit hours of Gender & Sexuality Studies electives; and 9 credit hours from a number of cross-listed courses offered both by Gender & Sexuality Studies and by other programs/departments. 

The total credit hour requirement for the major is 36 credit hours with 21 hours at the upper division level. All requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Note: Gender & Sexuality Studies was formerly called Women’s Studies. The WS course prefix is currently being changed to GNDR.

Prefix Title Credits
General Education  
Area I: Communications  
English Composition – Level 1  
ENGL 1110G Composition I 4
English Composition – Level 2  
Choose one from the following: 3
ENGL 2210G
Professional & Technical Communication 3
ENGL 2221G
Writing in the Humanities and Social Science 3
Oral Communication  
Choose one from the following: 3
AXED 2120G
Effective Leadership and Communication in Agriculture 3
COMM 1115G
Introduction to Communication 3
COMM 1130G
Public Speaking 3
HNRS 2175G
Introduction to Communications Honors 3
Area II: Mathematics 3
MATH 1130G
Survey of Mathematics (Recommended) 1 3
Area III/IV: Laboratory Science and Social/Behavioral Sciences 10-11
GNDR 2110G
Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 3
or GNDR 2120G
Representing Women Across Cultures
Area III: Laboratory Sciences Course (4 credits) 2
Either an Area III/IV: Laboratory Sciences Course or Social/Behavioral Sciences Course (4 or 3 credits) 2
Area V: Humanities 2 3
Area VI: Creative and Fine Arts 2 3
General Education Elective 2 3-4
Viewing a Wider World 3 6
Departmental/College Requirements  
Core Courses  
GNDR 455 Feminist Research Methodologies 3
or GNDR 465 Sex, Gender and the Body
GNDR 471 Seminar in Feminist Theory 3
Select eighteen credits from the following:  
GNDR 360
Masculinities Studies 3
GNDR 401
Women & Immigration 3
GNDR 402
Transnational Feminisms 3
GNDR 403
Gender & Horror 3
GNDR 405
Alternative Genders and Sexualities 3
GNDR 407
Gender and Graphic Narrative 3
GNDR 408
Feminist Food Studies 3
GNDR 411
Gender and Migration 3
GNDR 412
Gender and Film Studies 3
GNDR 450
Special Topics 3
GNDR 451
Women’s Studies Practicum 3
GNDR 454
Women Crossing Borders 3
GNDR 482
Gender and Popular Culture 3
Select nine credits from GNDR or Cross-Listed Electives   9
Second Language Requirement: (not required)  
Electives, to bring the total credits to 120 4 47-49
12 credits must be Upper – Division
Total Credits 120