Dr. Patricia WojahnChair Interdisciplinary Studies Department
Borderlands Writing Project Director
Dr. Cynthia BejaranoRegent’s Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Principal Investigator: CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program)
Prof. Mary BenantiCollege Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies (retired)mbenanti@nmsu.edu
Dr. James R. MaupinProfessor of Interdisciplinary Studiesjmaupin@nmsu.edu
Dr. Manal HamzehAssociate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studiesmanahamz@nmsu.edu
Dr. M. Catherine JonetAssociate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Feminist Border Arts Film Festival Director
Dr. Laura Anh WilliamsAssistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Director of Gender & Sexuality Studies

Student’s Words: “I will wrap it all up in saying that I have yet to be disappointed in this department. Each instructor I have engaged with provided knowledge, safe learning spaces, thoughtful readings and assignments and a place where a student can both grow and thrive happily. I am a different student and person because of my involvement with this department and the instructors within. The language and lenses I leave with are gifts of academia, which I will always owe to the learning experiences shared with students and instructors in this department.”