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Current Departmental Events and Items:

Dr. Williams Will Present Her Artistic Work in Zines at the Santa Fe Zine Fest

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2018 SJZ Call for Submissions

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Alejandra Lerma Named A & S Outstanding Senior

Multiple major (Animal Science, Biology, Gender & Sexuality Studies) Alejandra Lerma has been named Outstanding Senior by the College of Arts and Sciences. As the College’s Outstanding Senior, she will be recognized by the Alumni Association’s “Outstanding Graduate Award” luncheon. She will also be recognized at Commencement and carry the College of Arts and Sciences’ banner as she leads the college into the graduation ceremony. Congratulations, Alejandra! We are all proud of you and happy for your success!


Winners of the 2017 Paper Award

Best Undergraduate Paper Award Winners

Undergraduate Recipient: “Factors Affecting LGBT and Feminist Issues in Korea” by Jane Kim

Honorable Mention: “Women, Gender, and Gaming in HBO’s Westworld” by Julia Vulcan


Best Graduate Paper Award Winners

Graduate Recipient: “Sexual Assault, Infertility, and the Mechanics of Embodied Masculinity” by Holly Gregg

Honorable Mention: Jessica Jones: Narrative for Survivors of Rape, Trauma, and Abuse” by Abby Current


Past Events and Items

Student Appreciation Celebration & Potluck

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Gender & Sexuality Students Participating in URCAS

Session 2:  10:15am-11:15am
2.A: Revolutionary Women – Otero Room (126)
Moderator:  Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Women Studies
Morgan Beasley 
“Revolutionary Women: Virginia Johnson’s Contribution to STEM Research”
Major: Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Makenna Caballer 
“Women Revolutionizing the Sport of Roller Derby”
Major: Gender and Sexuality Studies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Marlene Chairez 
“Emma Goldman an Anarchist Revolutionary Women”
Major: Engineering Physics- Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Caitlin Gear 
“The Revolutionary Life of Congress Woman Shirley Chisholm”
Major: Gender & Sexuality Studies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Session 3:  11:30am-12:30pm
3.A:  Revolutionary Women – Otero Room (126)
Moderator:  Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Women Studies
Alejandra Lerma 
“Today’s Revolutionary Women: The Black Lives Matter Movement”
Major: Animal Science, Biology, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Diana Lopez 
“The Revolution of the Borderlands through the Work of Gloria Anzaldúa”
Major: Psychology, Spanish, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Casey McKim 
“Themis: Performance Poetry on the Female SCOTUS Justices”
Major: English
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Lydia Quintana 
“Dolores Huerta “La Pasionaria””
Major: Independent Studies
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh, Gender & Sexuality Studies


See full program here




NMSU to host second Feminist Border Arts Film Festival

Live-action narratives, animation and documentaries exploring a range of social issues by filmmakers from the United States and all over the world will be presented at New Mexico State University’s second annual Feminist Border Arts Film Festival.

This year’s festival, hosted by the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies in collaboration with the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Creative Media Institute in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be from 6-8p.m. Monday, April 24 in the Digital Media Theater in NMSU’s Milton Hall, room 171.

“My hopes are that people will leave having gained an appreciation for short film and for the promise of cinema in prompting viewers to reflect on their own understanding about groups of people, themselves and national and world events,” said Jonet. “Roger Ebert once wrote that film is the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. I think this festival upholds that claim. Film can be a window that allows us to see out and it also permits us to see in.”

Read the full press release here


Dr. Wojahn Speaks to the AAUW

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Congrats to Dr. Hamzeh: Winner of This Year’s Globalization Award for International Engagement


Manal Hamzeh was announced as the winner of this year’s Globalization Award for International Engagement, sponsored through International & Border Programs!  See more infor here:


Drs. Jonet & Williams Speak Abt Film at the New Mexico Press Women Conference

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A Night With Women Event:


NMSU Theatre Department Debuts a New Play

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Congrats to Dr. Hamzeh: New Animated Short

Take from: “Unmediated Inquiry: Animated Short ‘The Four Hijabs’ Offers Insightful Perspectives” by R.A. Sheth

We live in a world where we are constantly being told what to think. In an age of readily accessible information, passive consumption of media-perpetuated stereotypes trump active quests for knowledge. For instance, the hijab, commonly associated with the headscarf worn by Muslim women, has become a source of irrational fear for many. With a sharp rise in Islamophobia and xenophobia in America and abroad, we have gone from telling Muslim women in hijab that they’re being oppressed to yanking off their headscarves. Much of this fear stems from false information and a lack of inquiry. So what do non-Muslims actually know about the hijab or the Qur’an? Demystifying the hijab with an eye toward justice is exactly what New Mexico State University Interdisciplinary Studies/Women’s Studies Associate Professor Dr. Manal Hamzeh and Mount Prospect native and Silk Road Rising Founding Artistic Director Jamil Khoury set out to do with the new animated short film “The Four Hijabs,” premiering at Silk Road Rising on July 30, 2016.

“The Four Hijabs” was purposefully developed as an entertaining and accessible animated short film that engages with the complex ideas surrounding the hijab. The animated short explores the multiple meanings of four hijabs mentioned in 16 Qur’anic verses. In engaging these verses through Arab-Muslim feminist lenses, four identifiable hijabs emerge: the visual hijab (the modest dress of both Muslim men and women), the spatial hijab (the separator between private and public spaces), the ethical hijab (ethical values/practices required of all Muslims), and the spiritual hijab (the barrier that inhibits deep spiritual growth and new knowledge.

“[The Four Hijabs] reflects our deep commitment to make important cutting-edge academic thought accessible to a general public by interpreting and rendering it as art,” said Hamzeh. The project stemmed from several conversations between co-writers Hamzeh and Khoury about the effects that Islamophobia and hijabophobia are having on young Muslims.

Hamzeh and Khoury are no strangers to challenging perspectives. “The Four Hijabs” is inspired by ideas in Hamzeh’s book, “Pedagogies of DeVeiling: Muslim Girls and the Hijab Discourse” (2012). “[The film] engages broader audiences in work and thought that may cut against the grain of what they have previously taken for granted,” said Hamzeh. She sees “The Four Hijabs” as one of the extensions of her own struggles as an Arab-Muslim feminist wrestling with patriarchal logic. It also supplements her approach to teaching, guided by a commitment to equity and social justice.




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