Gender & Sexuality Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree



A Student’s Words: “I will wrap it all up in saying that I have yet to be disappointed in this department. Each instructor I have engaged with provided knowledge, safe learning spaces, thoughtful readings and assignments and a place where a student can both grow and thrive happily. I am a different student and person because of my involvement with this department and the instructors within. The language and lenses I leave with are gifts of academia, which I will always owe to the learning experiences shared with students and instructors in this department.”

The undergraduate major in Gender and Sexuality Studies specializes in the critical examination of gender; gender identity; queer and transgender studies; feminisms; and social justice from interdisciplinary perspectives. Students develop a strong understanding of how interconnected social formations such as race, class, age, nation, citizenship, ability, and other categories of difference are constructed and intersect with gender and sexuality. The major equips students with analytical skills and knowledge to engage power structures critically and transform lives and communities. It does so through a plan of study that integrates humanities and social sciences methods and objects of study, including areas of concentration such as human rights and transnational migration; socially engaged literature, film, and other visual arts; and transnational and anti-imperial perspectives.

Our Students Make a Difference

Alejandra Lerma received the “College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Graduating Senior” for Spring 2017

G&SS majors Alejandra Lerma and Diana López consecutively received the Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence in 2017 and 2018

Diana López and Alexa Johnston received the 2016 and 2017 “Star of Interdisciplinary Studies” awarded at the College of Arts & Sciences Starry Night Celebration

Gender and Sexuality Studies readies students for further study in the field at the graduate level as well as advanced study in a variety of disciplines that include professional schools like law and journalism. The major prepares students for employment opportunities in a wide range of careers in both public and private sectors. Professional opportunities exist in advocacy or social services-related positions, public administration and developing public policy, human resources, a specialization in socially engaged film studies, other visual arts, and literature, education, law, community development, medical professions, human resources, business, and government. Many students declare double majors in Gender and Sexuality Studies with another discipline to enhance career opportunities and learning. Courses are offered both online and on campus.

In addition to the BA, the program offers a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Our degree is part of a robust program designed to incorporate traditional face-to-face instruction and the technological innovations of online instruction. In fact, degree requirements for the Gender & Sexuality Studies major, minor, and graduate minor can be completed online.

Degree requirements for the major include 9 credit hours of required Gender & Sexuality Studies courses; 9 credit hours of Gender & Sexuality Studies electives; and 18 credit hours from a number of cross-listed courses offered both by Gender & Sexuality Studies and by other programs/departments. The total credit hour requirement for the major is 36 credit hours with 21 hours at the upper division level. All requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.


**Please Note: We are in the process of changing our course prefixes from WS to GNDR**

Required core courses (9 credits)

Note: WS 201G and WS 202G each each fulfill 3 credits in Area IV of the NMSU General Education Common Core

W S 201G Introduction to Women s Studies


W S 202G Representing Women Across Cultures


W S 455 Feminist Research Methods


W S 465 Sex, Gender and the Body


W S 471 Seminar in Feminist Theory


Electives from the following (9 credits)

W S 401 Women & Immigration


W S 402 Transnational Feminisms


W S 403 Gender & Horror


WS 404 Arab-Muslim Feminisms 3
WS 405 Alternative Genders and Sexualities 3
W S 450 Special Topics


WS 453 Women and Politics 3
W S 454 Women Crossing Borders


W S 455  Feminist Research Methods  3
W S 465  Sex, Gender and the Body  3

Electives from upper division W S and cross-listed courses (18 credit hours) to be selected from Women’s Studies curriculum and from the approved list of courses cross-listed with Women’s Studies. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete course list.

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