B.A. Gender & Sexuality Studies

A banner from Caravana 43, a project by parents and classmates to raise awareness about the 43 Normalista students who were disappeared on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. They visited NMSU in 2015. Image by L. A. Williams.

A Student’s Words: “I will wrap it all up in saying that I have yet to be disappointed in this department. Each instructor I have engaged with provided knowledge, safe learning spaces, thoughtful readings and assignments and a place where a student can both grow and thrive happily. I am a different student and person because of my involvement with this department and the instructors within. The language and lenses I leave with are gifts of academia, which I will always owe to the learning experiences shared with students and instructors in this department.”

Note: Gender & Sexuality Studies was formerly called Women’s Studies. The WS course prefix currently remains, but we are in the process of changing it to GNDR in Banner. 

Description: Gender and Sexuality Studies is especially equipped to meet the challenges of our current moment and to shape inclusive and just futures. Our courses open minds and change lives. Students in our program pursue an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes social justice through the development of critical thinking, research, creativity, and analytical skills. Our academic program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of fields that deal with diverse populations as well as sustained political and social change. 

Course Delivery Methods: Our degree is part of a robust program designed to incorporate traditional face-to-face instruction and the technological innovations of online instruction. Degree requirements for the Gender & Sexuality Studies major, minor, and graduate minor can be completed face-to-face or online (online courses are offered through the Canvas learning system). Many of our electives are taught both online and face-to-face during fall and spring semesters. All Summer courses are taught online.

NMSU-Online: Departmental requirements for our minor can be completed on campus in a traditional classroom setting, online, or a combination of both. If you are interested in completing your degree entirely online, check out NMSU Online and sign up now!

Degree requirements for the major include 9 credit hours of required Gender & Sexuality Studies courses; 18 credit hours of Gender & Sexuality Studies electives; and 9 credit hours from a number of cross-listed courses offered both by Gender & Sexuality Studies and by other programs/departments. 

The total credit hour requirement for the major is 36 credit hours with 21 hours at the upper division level. All requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Important Documents for GSS Majors

Useful Links for NMSU Students 

Required Core Courses 9
W S 201G Introduction to Women’s Studies 3
or W S 202G Representing Women Across Cultures
W S 455 Feminist Research Methodologies 3
or W S 465 Sex, Gender and the Body
W S 471 Seminar in Feminist Theory 3
Select six from the following: 18
Masculinities Studies 3
Women and Immigration 3
Transnational Feminisms 3
Gender and Horror 3
Arab-Muslim Feminisms 3
Alternative Genders and Sexualities 3
Women and Human Rights 3
Gender and Graphic Narrative 3
Food and Representation 3
Gender and Migration 3
Gender and Film Studies 3
Special Topics 3
Women’s Studies Practicum 3
Women Crossing Borders 3
Gender and Popular Culture 3
Electives from upper division W S and cross-listed courses 9
Second Language Requirement: (not required)  
Total Credits 36