What Students Say

Note: To respect the privacy of our current students, testimonials are presented here anonymously. The Gender & Sexuality Studies program at NMSU values the diverse voices of our community and strives to create an inclusive environment where all can speak freely


At the Gender & Sexuality Studies program at NMSU, we pride ourselves on creating an educational environment that is both transformative and empowering. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our current students and alumni have to say:


A Safe Space to Thrive

"I found a home in the G&SS program, a place where I could be myself without judgment. It's a lifeline, especially in today's environment."
Current Student


Interdisciplinary Excellence

"As a media studies major, the G&SS program has offered me unique perspectives that I incorporate into my work. The intersection of Gender & Sexuality Studies with other academic disciplines is a game-changer."


Empowering Future Leaders

"The program gave me the critical tools to challenge societal norms and advocate for marginalized communities. I carry these lessons into my professional life every day."


Research and Creative Practices

"Being exposed to Feminist Border Arts (FBA) as part of the G&SS program was transformative. It's not just theory; it's practice, activism, and art combined."
Current Student


A Global Perspective

"This program is not just about academia; it's about real-world impact. I've learned to view gender and sexuality through a transnational lens, which has been eye-opening."
Current Student


Digital Learning and Activism

"The digital components of the course, like the Social Justice Zine and online forums, have been invaluable. They offer practical experience in activism and make the learning truly interactive."


A Call to Action

"If you want to not just learn but also make a difference, this is the program for you. The G&SS program prepares you for real-world advocacy in ways that traditional courses do not."