BA Gender & Sexuality Studies

The BA in Gender & Sexuality Studies at NMSU equips learners with transformative knowledges and practices that prepare them to be impactful and reflective 21st century change-makers. Graduates with this degree are especially equipped to meet the challenges of our current moment and forge more equitable and just paths for the future.
Students in our program pursue an inter- and multidisciplinary education that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, feminist, queer, and other socially transformative theorizing, social justice, and anti-oppressive pedagogy and learning.

Degree requirements for this major can be completed in the traditional classroom setting, through online course work, cross-listed and substituted classes, practicums, and through a combination of these methods.
Many learners combine our degree with other majors to develop a specialization, practice inter- and multidisciplinarity, and experience feminist and queer learning environments that promote collaboration, interactivity, and self-reflection.
Graduates pursue a wide range of careers and professions addressing social inequalities, identity and difference, institution-building, anti-oppression, and inclusive social change. The BA in Gender & Sexuality Studies makes excellent preparation for graduate study in this and other disciplines.


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