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Image by FBA. Background photo used in collage is based on a street mural by Chite Yarumo. 

World Ready Knowledge

Gender & Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University offers learners world ready knowledge with critical and creative practices that shape inclusive futures. Our graduates are 21st century changemakers. Worldmaking is our profession. 


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For more than thirty years now, this academic program has been an innovative leader in the inter- and multidisciplinary study of gender, women, queer & LGBTQ+ practices and identities, borders, transmedia & cultural studies, and transnational & refugee studies. 

Grounded in theories, methods, and approaches in feminist, queer, and other transformative movements, graduates of Gender & Sexuality Studies are innovators who bring socially engaged knowledge and leadership to the workforce, daily life, community organizing, institutions, aesthetic praxes and reception, and even further possibilities. 

Cultivate your passion for social change into knowledge and action. Join our community of committed learners.  


Spring '23 GNDR Courses

Feminist Border Arts Film Festival

Submit Your Film Today for the 2023 Season

A Cat with Laser Beam Eyes: The Feminist Border Film Festival, of course. Submit your film today!

The 2023 season of the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival will be on June 28th, 2023 at the NMSU University Art Museum. FBAFF specializes in short films that explore the power of cinema as a creative tool to reflect upon urgent social issues and thought-provoking representations of identity and differenceThe event is free and open to the public. One film per director. Filmmakers are not charged for entry. Click the image to submit your film or check out our website to learn more about FBA.

#FBAFF 2023: Wear Pink for Emilia

An image of Emilia Rueda, a brilliant emerging visual artist taken too soon by IPV/DV. FBAFF 2023 is in dedicated to her and a short film she created will premiere at the festival.

Emilia Rueda was a visual artist in the Art Department and enrolled in Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies when she was unalived by IPV and DV in October 2022. The 2023 season of the FBAFF is dedicated to her. A short film she made for an art class and her G&SS course will premiere at the festival. A category for NMSU and Borderlands filmmakers has been created in her honor called Border/Lands.

This June 28th at the FBAFF, wear pink for Emilia, her favorite color.


Desierto. Arte. Archivo. Exhibit

Image advertising Desierto.Arte.Archivo.


NMSU graduate Dr. Ma. Eugenia Hernandez Sanchez (Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies) is one of the curators from UACJ of the exhibit (alongside Dr. Leon de la Rosa Carillo and Dr. Gracia Chavez). G&SS faculty member Dr. Cynthia Bejarano contributed a piece to the collection.

Desierto.Arte.Archivo came about as the result of a collective arts-based research project that interrogated the desert through a transdisciplinary effort incorporating biology, object-oriented ontology, necropolitics, complex thought and natural pigments. We walked our streets until they became dirt, soil, rock and sand, then we demanded to learn from them. They shared with us their ethics and harsh climate. We went into buildings and came out the back door to find ruins, lizards and a creosote bush that demanded we heeded their tales of survival and their teachings on the domestic, the wild and the foreign. We were all of them all at once; yes artists, but desert dwellers way before that, co-mingling with each other, learning through each other, birthing and extinguishing each other.


Image advertising Desierto.Arte.Archivo.


In 2019, Desierto.Arte.Archivo was originally a response to Albuquerque’s 516 ARTS’ provocation to consider the eventual mass extinction of countless species of animals along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo as the direct result of the anthropocene raging on. In 2022, after Covid-19 attempted but seemingly failed to derail the epoch of humans, Desierto.Arte.Archivo may serve as a blueprint to change its course and to first do so in the desert that we insist on calling home.


Image advertising Desierto.Arte.Archivo.


Statement on Reproductive Rights

A black background with red letters and a quote from Dorothy Roberts saying other social ills must be dealt with to achieve reproductive justive.

Statement on the overturning of Roe v. Wade

The unprecedented and anti-democratic rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court during June 2022 not only overturn Roe v. Wade, but also threaten other settled precedent such as the effects of their Miranda ruling. These rulings also signal the possibility for further erosion of settled legal precedent that, like Roe, is based in the right to privacy. The impacts of these rulings are far reaching and will be absolutely devastating for many individuals and communities in the United States, including learners, staff, and faculty associated with NMSU. Pregnant Indigenous people and African Americans already face remarkably high rates of mortality and other negative health outcomes from pregnancy in this country. They and other underserved people are now at greater risk in the United State, not to mention their children and communities. 

While these rulings are seismic, they are not an end. In "Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights," Dorothy Roberts writes: "True reproductive freedom requires a living wage, universal health care, and the abolition of prisons." We must walk and chew gum at once: the human rights of all people, including all women and LGBTQIA+, must continually be fought for. We are grateful for New Mexico's continued commitment to maintaining the human rights of pregnant people in this state as we work toward securing all people's human rights. 


G&SS is a bold and relevant program. Universities need to fund and support programs they create.

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