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"[A]s US universities continue to experience the dissolution of disciplinarity, a critical gender studies paradigm could well surge to the forefront of new arrangements of knowledge production [. . .] gender studies may provide a better way of framing, asking, and even answering hard questions about ideology, social formations, political movements, and shifts in perceptions of embodiment and community." —Jack Halberstam

Gender & Sexuality Studies at New Mexico State University offers learners world ready knowledge and critical practices that shape inclusive futures.

For more than thirty years now, this academic program has been an innovative leader in the inter- and multidisciplinary study of gender, women, queer & LGBTQ+, borders, transmedia & cultural studies, and transnational & refugee studies. 

Grounded in theories, methods, and approaches in feminist, queer, and other transformative movements, graduates of Gender & Sexuality Studies are innovators who bring socially engaged knowledge and leadership to the workforce, daily life, community organizing, institutions, aesthetic praxes and reception, and even further possibilities. 

The program’s philosophy embraces theorist José Esteban Muñoz’s and others’ ideas about futurity and the hopeful potentiality of feminist and queer worldmaking. As Ann Braithwaite and Catherine M. Orr articulate, these are important knowledge projects that expose the diverse impacts of difference and power in our lives.

Cultivate your passion for social change into knowledge and action. Join our community of committed learners.  



The College of Arts & Sciences has suspended the Interdisciplinary Studies Department, the former academic home of G&SS, in the current budget cuts. The Gender & Sexuality Studies degree remains in existence and is now housed in the Creative Media Institute for Film and Digital Arts.